Our Story

Our story is one of innovation, persistence and perseverance, but also one of linearity. It is a relatively straight-lined path with but a few obstacles that we stumbled over or narrowly ducked. Driven by our passion for transformation, we worked tirelessly for change in an industry saturated with ever-increasing competition. At times working 20 hours a day to achieve brand perfection, we constructed a modern, aesthetic design coupled with premium quality, fit and comfort: we could have launched a successful fashion brand.

But we wanted more.

We wanted to excavate peoples natural instinct of goodwill. Their tendency to choose the outcome with the greatest positive impact. We wanted to create a brand that not only achieved outstanding fashion taste, but also depicted our desire to do good. Through months of hard work and late nights, through stress and tension, through quarrels and disagreements

 Goodwill persevered. The revolution began.

The goal: to change the face of fashion to represent what the people want and what the fashion industry can afford to give; Fair Fashion. Fashion that not only takes steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible but also pays ALL their workers fairly, with safe and healthy conditions. We wanted to make an ultra-high-quality, super-stylish, sustainable and considerate alternative to the greed that dominates our high-streets  And we wanted to achieve all of this for a fair price. So what did we do?

We made it happen.

We created Label Urban Clothing as both an artistic outlet for our desire to create and a mechanism to disrupt the current clothing market. We have long been avid followers of fashion and passionate creators and after years of imagining and deliberating, we started designing and innovating. We fell in love with our designs, and strived to build a high quality, stylish and considerate brand:

Label Urban Clothing